Overview of Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yoga Teacher Trainings

Sharing the light & wisdom of yoga and spirituality. We offer RYT-200, RYT-300 Mystical Yoga teacher trainings and SYI 800-hour Facilitator Training program.

Mystical Yoga Farm

Our home in Guatemala is a spiritual community located on Lake Atitlan, in Central Guatemala. It focuses on self-transformation and ecological sustainability.

Sacred World Locations

We offer courses worldwide, from the Sacred Valley in Peru, to the Costa Rica coast, the historic Greece, and serene mountain forest near Yosemite.

A Registered Yoga School

Our trainings are recognized globally.

SYI Trained Facilitators

All of the courses are facilitated by spiritual Yoga Teachers who have followed the SYI path

A Top Destination!

The teacher training program at the Mystical Yoga Retreat Center near Yosemite has been named the top Yoga Teacher Training destination by YOGANONYMOUS!

Upcoming Teacher Trainings

RYT 200 Peru October

Sach’a Munay Yoga Retreat Center
Sacred Valley, Peru
October 23-November 12, 2016

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SYI Blog

What’s happening in the

Universe of Personal Transformation

Heavenly Gate

The kingdom of heaven where I had to live through irritation of mosquitos swarming, itching of bodily sensation, questioning of the mind, wondering if I ever get there?   Thank you dear gentle wind for helping me release and rewind the temporary uneasiness from the physical presence of insect resistance, providing me a glimpse of hope in the comport of my existence.   Thank you dear morning arising sun, for shinning the warmth upon my face and sense. I trust your power to remove physical nonsense, floating me in the ocean, guiding me to the gate of heaven, the places where I remember or not, ever shifting lights and visions like the magic wonders of awaken dream.   Glowing opening of the cosmic colors is far yet close within reach all becomes possible from impossible and intangible colors, light, figures, the sensation of the pulsation   Felt at ease, at peace eternal presence and bliss at the gate of the heaven.   What time is now in my subconscious mind? It is the time to return to the physical home, away from home, hOMe! hOMe!  hOMe! Reality to Eternality, Eternality to Realty. Which is which on the pink simmering Lake Atitlan at...

New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in Cancer Venus Ascent with Mercury Birth Chart of the U.S.A.  This month we have dynamic alignments and an enormous political debate taking place. The new moon on July 4th happens to be the US Independence Day; Venus rises from the underworld with her helper planet Mercury. The Saturn Neptune Square continues to activate and initiate us between form and boundlessness. Mars recently went direct and Uranus gets prepared to go retrograde. By the end of the month there will be 5 planets going retrograde and all 5 of the planets close enough to see will indeed be visible. July 4th New Moon in Cancer The moon is with the Sun. A new moon, no moon to be seen… This brings up what is unseen, what is felt. Cancer works off of the feeling function and the emotional body. As a water sign, which are the emotional types, I liken the energy of Cancer to a calm lake. Safe and tranquil… The Cancer archetype is the mother nurturer, the one who provides nourishment for their family, home, or tribe. Caring, compassion and sensitivity are good ways to describe the emotional water sign of Cancer. This new moon is urging you to take care of yourself. Know that taking care of yourself is taking care of others. You cannot give what you do not have. If you are not feeling 100% then you will be able to give 100%… Let this full moon time be a reset, a recharge to your batteries. Fill up your cup so full that when you give, it is from this overabundance. Instead...

See what some of our recent graduates loved about their Yoga Teacher Training!

“At the fire ceremony on the first night, I think we all realized that this experience was going to be much more than learning how to teach yoga.”

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